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Yoga is not just a trend, it is above all a philosophy and a wellness accelerator to share with children. Our meeting with the solar Marie-Caroline Peponnet , founder of Yoga 4 Kids, certified Yoga teacher and co-author of Le Petit Dictionnaire Optimiste, confirms that yoga is much more than a sport.

Who has never dreamed of seeing their child calmer, more relaxed and confident? Apprehend your fears, be more focused, not stressed for an event, be stronger every day. The benefits of Yoga are numerous for children, as for adults, and it is not Marie-Caroline who will tell us otherwise.

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is a school of philosophy that was practiced in India from the 3rd millennium BC.

It is a discipline that includes a wide variety of exercises and techniques that aim to unite the mind, body and breath .

The techniques employed use physical postures (called asanas), breathing and meditation practices, as well as deep relaxation.

More broadly, yoga involves a certain art of living and a philosophy that tends to a general well-being and harmony.

When to start yoga?

There is no age to start yoga. Even infants can make small movements. For real yoga classes for children, Marie-Caroline recommends waiting about 2 years/ 2 and a half years for more motor skills and concentration. This activity must be fun and arouse the curiosity of the little ones so that they can chain positions while having fun.

For the youngest, yoga activity involves play and the body. At this age, sessions must revolve around stories, animated fables, sensory games.

Then, we can move towards more structured sessions with more precise postures, games and exercises of breathing, attention and concentration.

How long is a session?

Yoga for children must be above all a moment of pleasure and fun. It must also be able to keep the attention of the little ones.

You have to go gradually. You can start with 15 minute sessions . Over time, when children are used to it, you can go up to 45 minutes or even 1 hour.

The benefits of yoga for children

Yoga for children is a wonderful practice that can help develop strength, flexibility, focus and self-esteem. Indeed, yoga can help the little ones feel better in their body and in their mind while moving in a fun way.

Psychological benefits

Yoga has benefits on children’s minds. In addition to working on self-confidence , it helps you learn to better manage your emotions through sharing, concentration and relaxation exercises.

Regular yoga practice promotes learning at school by developing the child's attention and concentration skills.

It stimulates children's creativity through animal postures, mental visualization texts and animated stories.

It also allows children to relax and better manage stress, especially during moments of meditation. This helps them channel their energy.

Physical benefits

Practicing yoga from a young age allows the awareness of his body. 

By learning the different yoga postures, the child improves his motor skills, his ability to perceive his own body in space and his posture. He develops healthy habits that will follow him throughout his life.

Over time, the child will develop flexibility, balance and strength. It will also energize his body and give him energy.


What kind of child were you?

I was very sporty and hyper sensitive, turned towards others.
I was very connected to the sea and well-being between Paris and Corsica where my mother is from.
The values of sport helped me to build myself because I was harassed at school and I made it a strength.

Grass or concrete?

Grass 🌿 the one where I walk barefoot.

“Sport and movement are the best drugs and accelerators of happiness for young and old.”

What makes you get up in the morning ?

I always start my day with a little meditation saying thank you for being alive and healthy.
Thank you is my mantra.

Broccoli or chips?

Broccoli in all its forms, pasta with broccoli and co.

What is your worst mistake?

Only one ? :-)

Dreamer or realist?

I dream, I visualize and I realize my dreams by acting.

What has struck you about your children recently?

Their empathy, their connection to nature, their openness to other children in the world even if they do not speak the same language they are connected by the heart and play.

Warrior or Downward Facing Dog?

Warrior is a mental posture above all; we all have this in us.

Are you singing in the shower?

Yes, best place in the world

Boxing or football?

Boxing, Mohamed Ali was a great man

The best “care” advice to pass on to children?

Your body is your first home. Take care of yourself first.

Hair or body?


What does KDC mean to you?

An avant-garde concept that will help new generations to grow up by taking care of themselves, body mind and spirit. Older generations have been too educated in the culture of performance and spirit. The body remains our first vehicle, we must take care of it. And good habits are taken early.


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