Founder of Sepaî laboratories, based in Barcelona and mother of 3 children, Paola Gugliotta creates APoEM when formulating products for her family. Simple but effective products for the delicate skin of babies and teenage sons.

APoEM has become a brand out of a desire to share, and awaken the senses via olfactory memory, in order to reconnect with positive and joyful moments, and finally take time to relax and enjoy.

Chemotyped aromatherapy brings harmony and bio-plasma Phytotherapy obtained from carefully selected botanical extracts treats delicate skin.

All products are vegan and contain natural ingredients, aromatherapy oils and plant extracts. They adapt to all skin types.

APoEM's Kids range offers products with maximum safety, without allergens or hidden chemicals. The products are free of unnecessary ingredients and contain only allergen-free essential oils with soothing and protective properties. In this way, children's delicate skin can be cared for safely and effectively.