Câlinesse is the first Swiss and organic donkey milk care line for the baby and the whole family.

Developed by the Newcos laboratory (based in Martigny, Switzerland), Câlinesse products combine all the properties of donkey milk and essential oils (plants, fruits), combined with the performance of green chemistry. The result is innovative organic care of high quality, 100% natural, meeting the requirements of the most delicate skins.

The donkey milk contained in the Câlinesse range is perfect for babies. It suits their sensitive skin while providing flexibility and hydration. Organic oils (sweet almond, argan, jojoba, apricot kernels, etc.), waxes (bee, carnauba) and organic butter (shea) provide their moisturizing, regenerating, toning and soothing properties. Hydrosols (chamomile, lavender, orange blossom, etc.) calm, refresh and purify, while organic plants (plantain, edelweiss, calendula, etc.) distill their softening harmonies, for a supple skin.

With Ecocert, SwissCos and CosmeBio certifications, Câlinesse works with total respect for the environment, from basic components to packaging.

More than a a product line, Câlinesse is a philosophy. That of care that are both refined and in harmony with nature, served by cutting-edge technology.