Founded in 2019 by Julie Magnin, Mapiel is a French cosmetics brand specialized in the creation of liniment.

A psychologist by training and mother of two, Julie swears by the liniment, however she could never find her happiness in traditional brands.

When she became pregnant with her daughter, she embarked on her project to “sublimate the liniment”, offering it a central place in the skincare routine and reworking it so that it is for the whole family.

The result ? A unique body care, made of a mixture of avocado oil, acai oil, and manuka honey. If it is not used for change, the mapiel liniment serves as a moisturizing and soothing care for all daily thanks to its formula specially developed for the most sensitive skin.

Mapiel is also a minimalist natural routine gathering the basics of everyday life and for all.. The treatments, exclusively 100% of natural origin, are formulated to the highest standards within a French laboratory: Made in France.

Mapiel is the story of comfort of the skin. It is also the story of care and sharing: solos, duos and tribes!