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NATRUE (The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association) is an international non-profit association based in Brussels, committed to the promotion and protection of natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.

NATRUE defines the list and the quality of authorized components and also establishes the manufacturing processes respectful of the raw materials authorized by this specification.

To benefit from this label, all aspects of sustainable development must be taken into account throughout the manufacturing chain: respect for biodiversity, environmental impact, etc.

The NATRUE label is also characterized by its transparency since the certification system is completely independent: accredited external certifiers ensure that the products of each brand claiming the label are evaluated so that they meet the rigorous criteria of NATRUE.

Its 3 main missions:
- Work to ensure that the high-quality natural and organic ingredients necessary for the production of natural and organic cosmetics remain available for the benefit of the consumer.
- Guarantee the highest possible quality of natural and organic cosmetics to the consumer (via its label).
- Help consumers identify true natural and organic cosmetics by facilitating access to information on NATRUE certified brands and products through its online database (link: https://www.natrue.org/our- standard/natural-certified-world).

In addition, at least 75% of the products of a brand or sub-brand must meet the criteria of the label for this brand to be NATRUE certified. This allows to fight greenwashing.