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Mini liniment

Mini liniment

100 ml

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m a p i e l revisits the traditional liniment to make it a moisturizing body care for the whole family.

Soothing, the m a p i e l liniment moisturizes and protects the most sensitive skin, while leaving a delicate vegetal smell with the scent of honey.

If not used for diapering, this velvety milk is a real Swiss army knife for the whole family:
- moisturizing care after shower/bath
- soothing treatment after sunburn
- soothing care after waxing / shaving (cuts the sensation of fire instantly)
- nourishing care for hands/archs/nails/elbows (or other roughness)
- care for cradle cap in infants
- make-up remover in phase 1
- care to clean the face of babies/children

Formulated without perfume, its texture between oil and milk leaves a pleasant protective lipid film on the skin without leaving the hands greasy or sticky.

This small size is compatible with all your trips and travels. You can even keep it on the plane to keep you hydrated throughout your flight. Walks, handbag, cabin trip, weekend, you'll slip it everywhere. It is also the perfect size to try before switching to Maxi.

Suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for sensitive skin, it can be used from birth.


Formulated with vegetable oils, highly recommended for sensitive skin because they moisturize while allowing the skin to breathe.

Avocado oil
Contributes to the care of the skin since it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, lecithin, and vitamins A, D and E.
The skin readily absorbs the nutrients from avocado oil. Also relieves sensitive, irritated or tired skin.

Acai oil
Full of essential fatty acids as well as vitamins. This precious oil is obtained by cold pressing the pulp of acai berries, known as "superfruits" for their exceptional richness in antioxidants. Thanks to its polyphenol content and its nourishing effects, it is particularly popular in treatments for sensitive or stressed skin.

Manuka honey
Known to have two types of healing activities: it drives out bacteria and stimulates skin tissue. The singularity of Manuka honey is to contain even more antibacterial substance thanks to its botanical origin. By eliminating bacteria more quickly, Manuka honey has powerful healing activity.

INCI formula

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Aqua, Persea Gratissima Oil, Cera Alba, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Glycerin, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil, Honey, Tocopherol, Xanthan Gum, Calcium Hydroxide, Glyceryl Caprate, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Citric Acid.

How to use

Shake before use.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not rinse after use.

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